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How do Bulk Messages Make Your Website Grow?

As per the research say messages have a greater opening rate as compared to emails. With a 98% open rate and 40% response rate your messages are delivered at a much faster rate than emails.

Creating an SMS campaign is not only time saving but also gives your business more reach. Most of the emails sent to customers land up in the spam folder whereas text messages are not categorized in such a manner. Bulk SMS marketing is better than email marketing as it serves as an effective, efficient, reliable and convenient advertising tool to communicate with a large customer base in just the shortest time span.

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Fitness Centers

With regular updates about the upcoming offers and inspirational messages to the members.


A text about special discount on special days and occasions.

Schools and Universities

All the important texts about bank holidays, meets can be conveyed easily. Notices about new admissions, upcoming exams can be sent.

Churches and Ministries

To recruit new members, tell the members about sermon timings, send inspirational quotes to the members.

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Billion Messages Daily

With a complete global acceptance you get more outreach


Text Messages sent by an Average Person On a daily basis

Which means your chances of texts being opened is 95%


of clients want to receive offers via text message

Your messages are opened and your links are opened with a rate of more than 50%.

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