Bulk Text Messages


Bulk SMS is a great way to engage and interact with customers and prospects

People are more responsive to text messages and bulk SMS is a great way to get your business’ message across. Whether you’re alerting customers to a system update or looking to promote your latest product offering, bulk SMS ensures your message makes it to your audience and doesn’t get lost among the inbox spam. Today all companies engage in new methods to connect with their customers.

SMS marketing is becoming more popular because of its benefits. All size businesses utilize SMS messages to promote their product or service. When you send bulk SMS it delivers the message directly to consumers. Bulk SMS refers to the service that allows sending messages to a large number of customers around the world.

Reaching out to people has become easier with the fact that people are more aware of promoters trying to reach out to them. Where the mail has devised a spam folder where the bulk of advertising emails find themselves, SMS has no such backlogs. In fact, it is noted that bulk SMS services are more effective in reaching out as around 97% of the text messages are opened. In the case of emails, only 5% of the emails make it to viewing, reaching out to people via SMS for the business is an innovative new trend and can act as an effective tool.

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Great Success & Opening Rates

Users almost read all of their text messages within a short few seconds while most of the business emails either find their way to spam folders or are simply ignored. Even if they aren’t ignored, it takes them quite a lot of time, sometimes stretching to days for opening the email.

If your customers or potential clients are in an area where there is no Wifi or internet connection, the email will reach them after a long delay. So using SMS lets you reach a much larger audience and most of them see the message content as well.

Cost Effective

Pamphlets, ads on print media, billboards and newspapers are often unaffordable for most medium and small-sized businesses. Compared to that, you can get bulk SMS packages at a phenomenally low price and at significantly higher speeds. It brings you a quick Return of Investment at a fractional cost to save you immense capital while growing your customer base.

Target Oriented

Unlike ads on traditional media which might be ignored, skipped or fail to grab the attention of modern consumers due to their generic design, bulk messages can be tailored specifically for your customers. Very different from the pre-internet era, today trends are easy to track due to factors like an accumulation of demographic data, buying habits of users, the behavior of consumers in a specific geographic location and more. You can easily personalize offers, product launches, and other information depending on those factors and send them in short messages that are quick to read to your audience.

Straight-Forward Approach

While video, audio or image-based ad campaign might be designed carefully via the marketing team, a company can never be too sure of the reaction they might invite due to the scope of misinterpretation. But with text messages, you have to be precise with limited characters that don’t allow for that bad PR incident to happen.

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